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Privacy Policy


Thank you for visiting my website and taking a look through the privacy policy.  This privacy policy contains an explanation of how and why I collect any of your personal information, how I process it and how it is stored securely. By using this website or my photographic services you are agreeing to be bound to this policy.

Any personal data collected will be treated as confidential in line with GDPR and any UK data protection law.

This privacy policy was created in line with the law May 2018. Occasionally the policy will be updated so please check back and review from time to time.  If you are concerned about any information or photos I hold or have any questions about this policy then please contact me on the details below to discuss.  In the event you would like your details erased and the right to be forgotten, this can be carried out upon your email request and providing it is no longer necessary to hold your details legally for accounts purposes.

Please contact Sarah Goodwin via


Phone: 07812831355


The Data controller of the information that passes through this website or via email is Nellie Photography. This data is kept securely. Your information is not used for any marketing purposes or to enroll you into a newsletter, your data will only be used to respond to enquiries made by you or to provide a service.

In order to provide my service to you I collect personal details from yourself that may include:


-Email address

-Phone number

-Postal address

-Date, location & time of job

These details are either collected or captured through my website, social media accounts or via email. Your personal Information is kept privately and stored securely until a time it is no longer needed or required i.e. for invoicing and accounts purpose. The information collected following an enquiry will be so I can provide you with further information about my services and products. Your information is kept for internal record keeping and for issuing invoices and booking conformations. At no point is your information disclosed or shared to any third party, your information will only be disclosed when requested to by law. In the unlike breach of your data I will inform the relevant regulator, if your personal data was involved you will also be informed.

In order to provide photographic services to you, I take and store photographs from your event. These photographs are stored for a minimum of 3 years or as long as the hard disks are functional.  This service is provided as a legitimate interest. I advise you to make your own back up arrangements to safeguard the long-term security of the files.

Should you wish me to remove your photographs from my hard disks, backups after your photographs have been delivered or from Social media platforms, Please provide me with an email ( confirming your request.

Images are processed through Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop within a password protected computer.

I may also post photos from your wedding/photo session in a variety of places, listed below. This is done via legitimate interest. Should any member of your wedding party/ family member not wish to be included in this, please let me know by email ( In addition to this, I also provide you with the ability to opt out (within the terms and conditions) of posting photographs from your wedding/photo session in the various places.

  • On my website
  • In wedding blogs and other websites
  • In other brands I work in
  • On social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook
  • To your other wedding suppliers

Images may also be printed for publications, presentations, promotional materials (including leaflets, brochures, stickers, bookmarks, posters, factsheets, calendars)

In providing our services we create photographs which may identify you, your family members and other participants and that may be considered personal data.Our photographs may be produced in print and digital format.You are responsible for ensuring that all participants in a photograph session/your wedding party have been provided with a copy of this privacy policy.

I never store or keep banking details or card information for customers.


Any invoice or data to do with purchases and sales are kept for 5 years as per HMRC’s requirements. After this time it will be destroyed. Paper copies of accounts are provided to my accountant for tax purposes.

Booking forms and diary schedule

As well as a digital version of the booking form a paper copy is also stored, these are kept securely and locked away.


Images of my work are stored on protected devices. These are used for marketing and promotion. If you wish for your images to be deleted then please get in contact

Emails and social media messages

These are kept for as long as necessary from your initial enquiry. They are kept within password protected programs which are GDPR complaint.

To help with the running of my business I use these external programs listed below.

Google Suite

Google Suite is a tool for providing services which are available over the internet. I use Google Email and Drive in order to store information relating to your wedding. Google are fully GDPR compliant. I retain 7 years of data in order to be compliant with legal obligations, except in the case of email which is retained indefinitely.

Microsoft Office

Personal information such as names and address, etc is all stored within Microsoft Office documents within a password protected computer. I create a record for each customer and with that record I can raise invoices. I also provide a paper copy to my accountant for tax requirements. No bank details are stored within these files.

Website Hosting

123 reg and wordpress are used to host my website. Both companies are GDPR complaint.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Your security is very important to me, If you have any questions please get in contact with me.