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Photography – Nellie Photography

Venue – Rhyse Farm

Videographer – The Storyteller Films

Makeup artist – Chloe McCall

Cake – The Couture Cake Company

Jackets – Bespoke by Victoria

Styling & Floristry – Wedding Creations

Hair Stylist – Bridal Hair styling

Stationary – Plain Sage Designs

Bridal Boutique – The Dressing Rooms

Hair Accessories – Opal Luxe

Bridal Jumpsuit – Reiss

Confetti Company – Flower Confetti

Models – Liv, Phoebe, Charlotte & Sian

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Hello my lovelies,

Firstly I just want to say I am so sorry that this is even happening whilst you are trying to plan your beautiful day.

I’m keeping very positive for my remaining 2020 and my 2021 weddings as I have photographed the most amazing intimate ceremonies this year with the restrictions and they have been so super special, please remember nothing stands in the way of love and there is always the future for a super duper party.

May I assure you that I am doing everything possible to stay healthy during this time.


A few keys points about your wedding day and COVID 19

The majority of your images will be taken outdoors as with any wedding, where I will be maintaining the 2 metre distance.

I will be equipped with hand sanitizer and a mask should you feel more comfortable with me wearing one, please just let me know.

There will be no personal contact, so no hugging, hand shaking, moving hair or clothes during shooting. I will try my best to direct you from a safe distance.



So what happens if I have to reschedule my wedding?

Any monies paid will be automatically be transferred to the new booking.

You will not need to pay a new deposit to secure the new date, however, the new date will only be 100% confirmed at my end once this has been confirmed by the venue(s).

If you do decide on a new date the most important thing is to check my availability before confirming.



What happens to my deposit if you are unavailable on my rescheduled date?

As indicated in our wedding contract, Deposits are non-refundable.

Wedding insurance can help in these situations and I am happy to confirm in writing that I am unable to return your deposit if required by your insurance company.

I am, however, offering alternative photography services, eg:- engagement shoot/family shoot. Hopefully we can work together to arrange a new date that both I and your venue have available.



What happens if I get infected and can not attend your wedding?

I would do my very best to find a replacement photographer for you. I have a close network of photographers who we are all very willing to help however we can.

In the very unlikely event that I’m unable to attend due to having contracted COVID-19 or related issues, and I am unable to find a suitable replacement to photograph your

wedding, then a full refund will be given.

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You certainly do.

These images may seem time consuming from being guests at previous weddings and may not be top of your priority list for this reason, but I assure you, group shots can be so much fun and they don’t need to take too long at all. You don’t have to put your bouquet in front of your face, or flash those new socks at me, unless you want too. Just ket me know your group shot style and I will go with that.

You will need to allow around 20-30 minutes for your group shots { this may alter depending on how many you would like }

I like to keep them as natural as possible so you can have as much fun as possible whilst we shoot them.

Whether I get you laughing and chatting, running, jumping, snuggling or just looking super stunning, your group shots will not be boring.

Here are a few images to show you how much fun they can be.

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I absolutely LOVE the throwing of confetti.

In my opinion {for awesome photographs,} more is definitely more. Buy the amount you think you need and then double it plus a little bit more.

There is nothing worse than just having a few puffs of confetti thrown into the air to be taken away instantly by the wind.

If you are a huge fan of confetti too and want to make this image incredible, here’s a little bit of advice on the options that are available.

My ultimate confetti has got to be the confetti canon.

Just look at this amazing reaction. These can be used outdoors or on the dance floor. Don’t just have one, go for two or three with throwing confetti in-between.

All white, horseshoes and hearts

White confetti is very classy and works super well if your flowers are along the white & green theme too. Again more is more to get the impact in the shots.

I love to when couples embrace the confetti.

Flower petal confetti

Mixed petals are beautiful, especially if they are colourful. I love the larger petals as they do show up better in photographs.

To save a little money there is always an option to dry your own throughout the lead up to your big day, this is a fab way to recycle old bouquets too. Just lay the petals on a tray and leave for 3-4 days. Can’t wait that long, pop them on a baking tray, heat the oven to around 130C, heat them for around 7-8 minutes {keep checking them throughout as they may dry quicker depending on the flower, and you don’t want them to burn} then just store them away once completely dry and they will be amazing.

Rose Petals

Not only do rose petals smell divine the pinky tones look super romantic in your photographs.

Confetti cones

These have to come second to confetti canons. They allow guests to aim & fire with pretty good precision. It’s best to stuff them as much as you can with the light bio tissue hearts etc just like Laurie & Dave did here for their big day. It’s so much better when the air is completely filled with such prettiness.

Relying on your guests

This can be quite risky as most guests do not bring confetti with them anymore as they wonder if it is allowed.

It’s best to pop a little info on the confetti in with your invitation, this way they know if you will be providing it on the day or if they need to bring some along for you.

There are some beautiful colourful bio degradable options available now in most greeting card shops.


If you aren’t so much a fan of the confetti or the venue prefers you not to use it, a lovely alternative are bubbles. Pop a bottle of bubbles on each chair for your guests and they can shower you with pretty bubbles as you make your way down the aisle.

A little advice would be to possibly have a bubble machine involved somewhere as this will give more impact and wow your guests even more.


So lavender smells amazing doesn’t it, although it is quite tiny so I would suggest maybe adding another pretty petal in the mix which will capture a little better on the images.

It can also be quite brutal so that’s something to keep in mind. You may be picking it out of your clothes all day too.

Why not style a confetti bar for your guests to help themselves.

Here’s a stunning set up by Wedding Creations


Here are a few fabulous suppliers to purchase the most amazing confetti:









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