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Group Shots, do we need them?

You certainly do.

These images may seem time consuming from being guests at previous weddings and may not be top of your priority list for this reason, but I assure you, group shots can be so much fun and they don’t need to take too long at all. You don’t have to put your bouquet in front of your face, or flash those new socks at me, unless you want too. Just ket me know your group shot style and I will go with that.

You will need to allow around 20-30 minutes for your group shots { this may alter depending on how many you would like }

I like to keep them as natural as possible so you can have as much fun as possible whilst we shoot them.

Whether I get you laughing and chatting, running, jumping, snuggling or just looking super stunning, your group shots will not be boring.

Here are a few images to show you how much fun they can be.

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